Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knock on Wood

I take garlic pills and daily vitamins faithfully. They have been working very well for me and I have not been sick hardly at all this school year. But cleaning kids nose and butt crevices who are sick guess the germs still seep in me. Got a stuffy nose and sneezing like crazy. This is not alergies. Early signs of a cold. Man. Knock on wood as they say.

Been up late every night trying to fix other peoples screw ups. The online program I use to manage my students is always acting up. Plus when the other members on the team don't fullfill their paperwork on time it falls on my hands. That part of my job just SUCKS!!! Wish I could just teach and leave at the end of the day. The paperwork part is insane and stinks. Wish everyone were as passionate and caring about the kids like I am. I am thankful daily to have a job and to have not been pick slipped.

My own kids have 7 days left and the school year is done. How this happened I do not know. I continue through July 21. They have a spring concert on Thursday and then Noah graduates next week and Emeline has a special promotion program too.

We have a new garage tenant moving in on the 31st. Whew. Lots to do and so little time.

Tonight is all about me I taking some drugs and heading to bed. This mom is beat.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am back. Nice to have a place to still share my feelings and happenings. I hardly have time to check the computer much for pleasure. Took me so long to post because I had to navigate through blogger.

Biggest news is we have claimed more house back. We still rent the back place, but have cut the garage to just one room not two. After 8 years the hubby and I finally have a private bedroom for just us. Kids share a bedroom, but have their own bunks. We will finally be getting furniture for the living room. My kids turned 8 and 7 this year. We are busy, blessed, and content.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Already

Been so busy don't have time for simple pleasures like blogging anymore. Just wanted to say we are all finally bounced back from the colds that we kept getting and recycling back and forth to each other. Been eating 2 garlic pills, multi vitamin, liquid vitamins, and immunity boost from Costco. So far so good. They now sell a V8 type drink for kids called fruitables I put in the kids lunch. Believe me I am trying to get them to down anything good and healthy for them.

So proud of both my kids. Got excellent report cards. Didn't get any reports that they are shy. Both are making friends and just loving their classes. Makes the $$$ for their education so worth it.

I have been initiated and was bit 3 times by one of my students. Being seen and given the hepatitis shots just to make sure since blood was drawn. I still love my job though. It happens. The girl is so sweet and doesn't even know what she did.

I am so tired when I get home and it is just help with homeworks, dinner, bath, then bed. I have completely let the laundry and house work go until the weekends. We have Saturday to play then Sunday it is all work no play. The price to pay of a working mom. But I am thankful to have a roof over my head, a job I love, benefits, and a fabulous family. Need I say more? Vacation time means more now that we have to really work for it. 13 more days and then Disney here we come!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Enough Sick already

So, the last bad cold for us was a month ago. Emeline and Noah both picked up another bad cold strand. It settles badly into your lungs and the coughing is brutal. Noah has a dry hacking cough. Emeline has a deep one with mucus. I had wanted us to get our flu shots so we would be all immune ready for disneyland next month. But you can't get the shot if you are sick. Emeline won't take vitamins and is an extremely picky eater. I found a liquid vitamin at Costco for adults and kids called reviva. Also, I do try and pack healthy things in her lunches. Time to blend more fresh smoothies too. The weather doesn't help either when it is blazing hot one day, and cold the next. So so frustrating!!! Other then that we are just busy busy with work, school, and home chores. Never a dull moment. Happy new week.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week of Weird

So this week it was 100 plus degrees in spots, we had wind, wet, thunder and lightening too. Fall is officially here, but the weather has got some issues to still work out. I guess I jinxed myself in the last post. I got the family cold germs. It was a fast moving one, but all the gunk seems to love to settle in your throat. And it just wants to linger there forever and ever it seems. Had a fun weekend of eating out with family, playing at pump it up, and purchasing some fun Halloween things for my classroom and unit on pumpkins coming up. Got caught up on my chores and laundry. And now the weekend is almost over and time to start the grind all over again. Happy October already.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One very LONG Week

I feel sad I can't be with my own kids to attend fieldtrips or fun times they have at school. I am grateful for kind aunties and relatives though who are at the school and can drive my kids on trips and just be there when I can't. Noah had a blast at the fire station this week, and his class enjoyed a clown day on Friday.

Emeline and Remo have come down with very bad colds and coughing. I kept her home for two days. I am a caring teacher and mom and thought it was best to keep one germ infected kid home. My kids are up to date on their shots and this seems to be just a very very bad cold which settles unfortunately in your throat and makes you cough. However this season we will get our flu shot and the whooping cough shot too just to play it safe. Noah and I are fine for now. I take two garlic tablets a day with my vitamins. I have been doing that since Jan. and I believe it has cut my sick time down alot.

School is going great. I continue to love what I do and am already attached to the kids and classroom. Each week I feel more organized and settled. We had our back to school night this week. That was a long day cause I was at work for 10 hours. I had 5 out of 7 parents attend. I was happy. They were all impressed with things. Whew.

We have got tenants again for both rentals. We need to keep them for at least two years. Then I hope we can start claiming more of the house back. But by working now, I am having a tough time just keeping up with our small living areas. At least it is the weekend and a nice warm one. Much to do and accomplish so off I go. Enjoy the last week of September!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carrying On

Nothing new to report. Just that we are all busy busy. Love my weekends even more now that I am working. End up going to bed before 7 on Fridays because I am just so pooped. Then Saturday is family day and evening is spent catching up on house work chores. Sunday is my prep day for the week and maybe a bit of shopping. Please keep one of my students in prayer. She was not eating this week and had to be hospitalized. She has a feeding tube. She is so sweet and tiny. I had a chance to visit her and let her know I loved her and missed her. She was so cute and hid behind mom and was making faces at me and blowing kisses too. Makes me love even more what I do. :) Happy new week to you.