Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Already

Been so busy don't have time for simple pleasures like blogging anymore. Just wanted to say we are all finally bounced back from the colds that we kept getting and recycling back and forth to each other. Been eating 2 garlic pills, multi vitamin, liquid vitamins, and immunity boost from Costco. So far so good. They now sell a V8 type drink for kids called fruitables I put in the kids lunch. Believe me I am trying to get them to down anything good and healthy for them.

So proud of both my kids. Got excellent report cards. Didn't get any reports that they are shy. Both are making friends and just loving their classes. Makes the $$$ for their education so worth it.

I have been initiated and was bit 3 times by one of my students. Being seen and given the hepatitis shots just to make sure since blood was drawn. I still love my job though. It happens. The girl is so sweet and doesn't even know what she did.

I am so tired when I get home and it is just help with homeworks, dinner, bath, then bed. I have completely let the laundry and house work go until the weekends. We have Saturday to play then Sunday it is all work no play. The price to pay of a working mom. But I am thankful to have a roof over my head, a job I love, benefits, and a fabulous family. Need I say more? Vacation time means more now that we have to really work for it. 13 more days and then Disney here we come!

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maybe strawberry said...

so happy for you Wendy, that you have a good job. i can only imagine how much housework and laundry you have to tackle on Sundays. so looking forward to our Vacation with you to Disneyland! and also can't wait to have you guys over this coming Sabbath. have a good week!