Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week of Weird

So this week it was 100 plus degrees in spots, we had wind, wet, thunder and lightening too. Fall is officially here, but the weather has got some issues to still work out. I guess I jinxed myself in the last post. I got the family cold germs. It was a fast moving one, but all the gunk seems to love to settle in your throat. And it just wants to linger there forever and ever it seems. Had a fun weekend of eating out with family, playing at pump it up, and purchasing some fun Halloween things for my classroom and unit on pumpkins coming up. Got caught up on my chores and laundry. And now the weekend is almost over and time to start the grind all over again. Happy October already.


maybe strawberry said...

yes, very weird weather! the rain was unexpected today but i loved it. had a good time seeing you and the kids on sunday

sunshine said...

nice we saw you 2 times during the weekend :) Stay dry and warm and don't get sick.