Saturday, September 25, 2010

One very LONG Week

I feel sad I can't be with my own kids to attend fieldtrips or fun times they have at school. I am grateful for kind aunties and relatives though who are at the school and can drive my kids on trips and just be there when I can't. Noah had a blast at the fire station this week, and his class enjoyed a clown day on Friday.

Emeline and Remo have come down with very bad colds and coughing. I kept her home for two days. I am a caring teacher and mom and thought it was best to keep one germ infected kid home. My kids are up to date on their shots and this seems to be just a very very bad cold which settles unfortunately in your throat and makes you cough. However this season we will get our flu shot and the whooping cough shot too just to play it safe. Noah and I are fine for now. I take two garlic tablets a day with my vitamins. I have been doing that since Jan. and I believe it has cut my sick time down alot.

School is going great. I continue to love what I do and am already attached to the kids and classroom. Each week I feel more organized and settled. We had our back to school night this week. That was a long day cause I was at work for 10 hours. I had 5 out of 7 parents attend. I was happy. They were all impressed with things. Whew.

We have got tenants again for both rentals. We need to keep them for at least two years. Then I hope we can start claiming more of the house back. But by working now, I am having a tough time just keeping up with our small living areas. At least it is the weekend and a nice warm one. Much to do and accomplish so off I go. Enjoy the last week of September!


maybe strawberry said...

i hope your family is getting better. and i'm happy to hear you have renters. have a good week! see you this weekend

JaneReyGar said...

I used to think about how sad I would be if I was teaching full time when my kids start school and how I'd miss their field trips and awards ceremonies while going to my students'! Bummer... but at least at the academy you have lots of friends and family there to be around.