Sunday, October 10, 2010

Enough Sick already

So, the last bad cold for us was a month ago. Emeline and Noah both picked up another bad cold strand. It settles badly into your lungs and the coughing is brutal. Noah has a dry hacking cough. Emeline has a deep one with mucus. I had wanted us to get our flu shots so we would be all immune ready for disneyland next month. But you can't get the shot if you are sick. Emeline won't take vitamins and is an extremely picky eater. I found a liquid vitamin at Costco for adults and kids called reviva. Also, I do try and pack healthy things in her lunches. Time to blend more fresh smoothies too. The weather doesn't help either when it is blazing hot one day, and cold the next. So so frustrating!!! Other then that we are just busy busy with work, school, and home chores. Never a dull moment. Happy new week.


maybe strawberry said...

oh, how frustrating!! sorry! i hope they feel better soon and not pick up anymore bugs.

i wanted to tell you that the shirt you gave me fits nicely! thank you! i will wear it next time i go to church.

sunshine said...

I am so glad. I just love black shirts, and found that one on a clearance rack. But I didn't like it so much when I got home. Yes, we want to build up our immune systems for our trip next month.