Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy but blessed

Sorry but it has been crazy busy with work and then we took a little vaca to Disneyland. Can't believe my son turned 6! I will have two kids in school in the fall. And that is why I have to work! Twice the tuition to pay! I got a call from our pastor about an opening once again at the academy. It was for grade four. I am so done going down that road. If it were for Kinder I might consider. Anyways...keep searching and applying and so far no interviews or leads for permanent jobs. I did get a letter from Chula Vista saying "I am safe and am guaranteed a sub position again for next year." I know a teacher who will be going on maternity leave in Sept. And so the cycle of here and there will continue and is stable for now. Grateful to at least be employeed. We also found another navy person to rent our back room. She is a girl and goes to PV church. Plus she is leaving in June on a deployment and will still pay rent! And that is a wrap, we are busy but blessed. Happy new week.


maybe strawberry said...

happy birthday to Noah!! we are sad we missed the Disney birthday party but glad you had a good time.

i'm so happy to hear you have a renter for the other room again

Mama Bear said...

We had a great time with you guys! It was a good idea to have Noah's birthday there.

tiffany said...

Oh good! Looks like things are turning around!