Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kids Gone Wild

Seriously, lately instead of girls gone wild, in our house it is kids gone wild. I know they are just kids and maybe because I work with kids all day and then have to come home and deal with my own I have a shorter fuse or tolerance, but I am in need of a serious mommy vacation from my family. I know that sounds really bad, but it is true. For example, they were running and teasing and pushing and shoving and hitting each other all through our store trip yesterday. They constantly are teasing to see how far they can go before the other one will literally brutally attack in biting, hitting, spitting, kicking. Spanking and timeout don't phase them and they could care less if they get busted. Remo started a new kind of consequence last night, the fruit and vegetable punishment. All they got for dinner was carrot juice, as much fruit or veggies as they wanted but no fun foods. They did pick at the food, and once they realized it was that or nothing, they did eat. Another thing that drives me crazy is that I have 2 bins of laundry, colored and whites. They come home and throw their school clothes, bags, and stuff all over the house. No wonder we have shoes and jackets and stuff missing. I love my children don't get me wrong, but things have got to shape up a bit better around here. We haven't been doing charts in awhile because once again mom is too tired or busy to enforce it. Noah asked me last week why we haven't been to the 99 cent store in a long time. Guess I will start up those charts again and attempt to make a new schedule board for the family with duties for aLL members. Whew thanks for letting me let off steam. A positive outlook for this new week with some positive changes.


maybe strawberry said...

oh WOW! i am SO sorry! i'm not sure about that fruit and veggie punishment though...they might view healthy things as a bad thing now. why not just say no dessert, don't focus on vegetables being a punishment

have you read Dare to Discipline by James Dobsen? Peter and I started reading a while back ago, it's a really good book even though it was written in the 60's. Are you following through and being consistent with your punishments? are your punishments severe enough, like taking away something they really like, like a special toy or tv or computer time?

I know i am speaking out of inexperience, it all sounds simple but i'm sure it's harder than it sounds. And I know i have it easier because i'm a full time mom of only one child (and Sofia is still a baby). a working mom really has the hardest job because you are not there all the time with the kids and you are probably exhausted from working all day and still need to do all the same housework and mommy stuff the stay at home mom does.

i'll keep you in my prayers Wendy. i know you work hard and need some time to yourself to rejuvenate. hope remo is helping/supporting you too.

Courtney007 said...

Soo Spanking doesn't phase them? wow, they are tuff! How is the new punishment going? Yeah, I've been told every now and then mommy's need a little vacation. we are praying for you!