Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am thankful to be working, but this current assignment is tough. Preschool is a hard age, but my kiddos are 3 and 4 but have the cognitive and mental abilities of a 12 month old. Really hard to get anything "educationally" ingrained in their brains. I will have 6 kids starting this week and only one aide helper. She does all the bathrooming, but between the two of us we are literally just babysitters, trying to entertain, keep the kids from destroying the room, attend to some sort of routine and schedule is really pointless. At least I am getting paid, and am counting down the days, 15 more to go. I have to literally have to carry one girl to class off the bus cause she will throw herself on the ground and have fits. Hurt my back a bit. Would really like the K-2 or even 3-6th age range where at least the kids could communicate a bit, and I can feel useful to use my teaching skills.

Had a great get together to celebrate April and Remo's birthdays last night. Remo has been so good about dieting, he lost 20 pounds. To celebrate we are going to honor his real birthday today at N and Out. Weather has been gorgeous after the rain. Hoping to soak up some sunshine the next few days, before the last of the April showers hit again on Wed. And another new week begins. Have a good one! :)


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Is Remo feeling better?

sunshine said...

Thanks, yes he is back to his full functioning self. I think losing weight has helped too!

maybe strawberry said...

that assignment sounds difficult. hopefully your next job will be one that you can actually be a teacher and not a babysitter.

we had a great time with you guys yesterday. thanks again for cleaning up afterwards

tiffany said...

yikes, good luck with that assignment.