Monday, February 22, 2010


Been enjoying my latest sub assignment teaching preschool special ed!! Two students so far cause the class just opened. More are pending though. I also dropped my last two classes of school work. Will possibly finish up in the summer. Just concentrating on work. Feel like a huge load has lifted. So nice to just work then come home and by the time all the mommy chores are done I am beat. Usually in bed by 9.

Emeline and Noah are doing fine in their studies. Noah has learned to write his name and has a fascination for letters. Emeline has learned all the books of the old testament. So very proud of my kids.

Remo is supposed to return to work this coming weekend. Remo saw the specialist today and they said the only way to mend and heal is to acclimate yourself to doing things and being ACTIVE!!! I was proud that he walked a mile this weekend. He is slowly getting better and back to normal. CT scan is still scheduled but not until May. He will be attending a chlosterol class in March. He has lost about 8-pounds already. I am so proud of him for sticking to it and trying to improve his health. I have enjoyed seeing and being with him more since him being on disability the last month.

Plans are in the making for my grandma in New Jersey to transfer and move out west. She refused all the live in aid options so on to Plan B. The state was able to get her a hover round chair. Will be another month probably since my mom and her siblings have some closures to do there. I am happy she will get to spend the last of her years of life being with family!

And that is a wrap for the this week. Have a good one!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Sounds like that technique to overwhelm the inner ear might work for Remo....has he talked to Kevin about it?

maybe strawberry said...

when we visited in monday, Emeline recited the old testament books to me. i was impressed!!

i hope Remo gets better by being ore active. and glad to hear he is sticking to his healthy lifestyle

sorry to hear about the caregiver issue with your grandma, but that will be very nice that she can finally meet Emeline and Noah and be close to family

Mama Bear said...

Sounds like Noah is ready for K in the fall. Which is only 5 months away. =)

monkeyballsblitz said...

kevin told me about that inner ear thing. He said it worked, but as a motion sick person, it sounds scary! I couldn't do it.

Glad the kids like school, especialy Noah. He's getting more cofortable with me and talking more :)

gladyour grandma is coming. It's nic to be with family. Hope she adapts easily.

Courtney007 said...

Thanks Wendy for the birthday present! you guys are so thoughtful! Oh and tell emiline thanks for the drawing! Remo looks good, like he lost some pounds! I hoe he feels better soon!

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Apes, yes, Kevin said it made him feel nauseous, but once he got through it, the vertigo was gone...which would be worth it. Otherwise, you're just nauseous all the time for regular movements and car rides.

tiffany said...

Glad you've lightened your load. Bed by 9 sounds good. =)