Monday, February 15, 2010

LONG Weekend

It was so wonderful to have a 4 day weekend. Of course it was packed and busy, but so nice to just do whatever. Friday was chore and errand day. Saturday we actually made it to Sabbath school. We never get up that early and the kids were a bit confused. Came home then went to a park with my dad and brother. Attended a Chinese New Year birthday for a bit. Went to Walmart, where I was pulled over by a cop for making an illegal right turn. Sunday the husband was too sick to go out to eat so I rented a few chick flicks and picked up Olive Garden to go! Today was spent taking the kids to a Chuck E. Cheese birthday, picking up the bed frame from Auntie Grace and then picking up Remo from the doctor. They did give him another two weeks excused from work. Hopefully by then we will have the results of the testing and some answers. I start my new job back in the classroom tomorrow co-teaching special ed preschool. Got a few paperworks to do then off to bed. Got to get up and do the taxi mom thing early. Happy short week at least!


maybe strawberry said...

busy! i hope you were able get some rest between all the activities. i didn't do near as much as you and i don't feel rested or that i accomplished what i needed to do this weekend

Mama Bear said...

Hope the dr's can figure out what is going on with Remo.

Oh yeah, there are a lot of places in CV where you can't make a right on red.