Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too Short

Why oh why must the weekends go by way too fast. I look forward to them all week long, and then all to soon they have come and gone.

I can't complain though. At my work, teachers only have students and teach 4 days. The kids don't go to school on Fridays, but the teachers still do for planning, meetings, conferences. We still have to show up, but we don't have kiddos on that day. And then after work I usually go grocery shopping or run errands.

Saturday was another rainy and cold day. I spent the morning prepping for my final on Coranado in the car watching the blustery bay. Kids and Remo attended church. Then we all met up for lunch at I HOP. It cost 50 bucks to feed the 4 of us. What the heck happened to eating for 1.99? It was quality time spent. Saturday night we went to visit my brother and grandpa K. and ate pizza and played board games. Then we took a trip to Walmart.

Sunday was spent doing chores and cleaning. It was sunny and warm and the boys begun the huge task of cleaning up the back yard. The grass has started growing again back there. I feel safer letting the kids play in the back, but it has become more of a junkyard literally. Emeline and I worked hard inside. It just feels so nice starting the week with everything CLEAN! Evening will end with me taking my final online.

Remo is supposed to try and go back to work this week, probably Tuesday. He is doing much better. He has his ginger and natural herbs on hand if needed. Happy New week and March to you. Whew, already into month 3 of these New Year.


Mama Bear said...

Glad Remo is feeling better.

maybe strawberry said...

$50 bucks for 2 adults and 2 small children at IHOP!? wow! i had no idea it was so expensive. but spending time with family is priceless.

i'm glad you had a good and productive weekend! i hope Remo feels good when he goes back to work. have a good week

tiffany said...

Yes, weekends fly by! boooo. Glad Remo is feeling better.