Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Weekend

It was yet again rainy and cold, but it was a good weekend. Friday was spent doing chores. I really like getting things done early so I can just take in and enjoy the weekends. Saturday we attended the SDA alumni. Due to the weather and all it was a sad turnout. I think I will only be going when it is a major milestone. 2 more years till my 20 oh my! Doesn't feel like that long ago though. Then we had a get together at the jigNapes where we learned that they are expecting #3. Congrats, and the clan continues to get bigger! I love family! Sunday I spent baking a Mexican caserole and fresh bread. I also did a few more chores and cleaning. But I felt calm and relaxed and not stressed. Everything is ready for tomorrow and thus begins another week. I have a three day weekend next weekend thanks to Ceasar Chavez. :)


Mama Bear said...

Did you make enchiladas? And homemade bread? Yum!

maybe strawberry said...

yes, it was a good weekend. it was nice seeing your family