Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Already??

Happy December. Still can't believe it is the final month of this year. Thanksgiving was great even though I only got a 4 day vacation. It was the first time that all families were together and we just had to go to one big feasting. Then Friday we had fun at Seaworld. It got me into the Merry Christmas spirit as they were all decked and dressed up for the holidays already. Saturday was another great day with more family, friends, and feasting. Came home and got all the house ready for Christmas.

Now it is the big push till the end since the next 3 weeks I have to work. I do love my job, but it is tough when all kids are sick. They can't wipe their noses so we have to do it. I have seen some pretty nasty boogers. Parents send them anyway cause it is babysitting for them and don't want to take off work. I get scratched daily and today for the first time I was bit really hard in the hand. I had to file a report. All part of the job description. The sad thing is the girl had no idea what she did. Can't punish her.

Dealing with finanacial aid has not been fun either. You think with having loans you are safe and don't have to pay till later. Not true. I can't apply for my credential cause I don't have a 0 account balance. No credential means I can't apply for any permanent work. We don't even have close enough money to even go in and pay. Maybe that is good though. If I don't get work after December I should just work on my thesis. That is all I have left to get a masters and a HUGE difference in pay later. I am just so sick of going to school. I did get my first paycheck. Too bad it has to leave me so soon. I can't treasure it. I know God always works things out, but in the meantime the wait is killing me!

Thanks for letting me share, deep breaths to just keep hanging on till my lovely 3 weeks off for Christmas.

To top of the uneventful last 2 days I packed up all the Christmas decor except for the tree because my kids are destroyers and everytime I come home find something scratched, broken, or messed up. Bah Humbug!


maybe strawberry said...

oh no! you got bit in the hand?! was your skin broken? that is scary! you have a very challenging job but i'm glad you are enjoying it.

thanks for the update. we we glad to see you over the weekend and can't wait to see everyone again on friday. sorry about that christmas decor issue at your house. that sucks

tiffany said...

You're on the ball for Christmas! Nice! Sorry about the loan stuff...sucks.

monkeyballsblitz said...

You got bit? Ouch! And sorry about all the decor Grtting broken.

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

We had fun with you guys at Sea World! Sorry we didn't get to see you more during our trip, tho. maybe you can come up here during Christmas! ??