Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter is Here

Wow, The last few days are feeling like winter is officially here in SD. It has been windy and cold enough to dig for sweaters and big coats. There are 2 storms brewing and I hear rain is on the way. I am a wuss and love my sunshine. My friends from the east are already having a white winter with snow. I know our cold is nothing compared to that, but it is out of my comfort zone.

Remo and Noah got the deep constant congestion stuff. It is on its way out but they sound like seals. Tis the season for sick. Better get it now and over with so we can have a nice Christmas.

Finally got some answers and closure with financial aide. I took this month off from school. I will be starting classes in January and hopefully be finished by next spring, then we will have a HUGE party fling. Working, school, and being mommy is just way too much and I am sooo stressed out and having breakdown. I have decided to stick with school since I am so close to finishing, but will not pursue a permanent work position until next fall when Noah is officially enrolled in school. Looks like my current situation is only a temporary thing. I was happy for the experience though. I will still be elgible to sub and can pick up work when I want to help pay for a few of the expenses here and there. My family needs me more at this time.

This was a very nice and RELAXING weekend. Friday we did our usually errand running. Saturday we all stayed in our PJ's and just lounged. I did church with the kids at home. They made some projects. We watched some movies, and napped. It was wonderful. Today I must do a quick trip to Costco. Then Emeline's best friend has a birthday party this afternoon that we will attend.

And thus begins another week. Have a great one!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Definitely good idea to keep working on our schooling and get it done! It will never get any easier, that's for sure! We came home to temps in the teens and snow on the ground! Yay! Definitely puts me in the Christmas if the house were just clean so I could decorate!

maybe strawberry said...

glad you have this month off. you deserve a break. i can only imagine how challenging it is to work and finish school while being a mommy.