Thursday, November 19, 2009


So today at school there were some pretty major breakthroughs. My blind boy who only speaks Spanish spoke to me for the first time today by saying Buenos Dias. Another boy who only repeats what you say used full sentences without any prompting. He said My name is Kyle, and Good morning Mrs. Wendy! I got choked up and almost cried tears of joy! Other students were communicating a lot with sign language during the songs and circle time. It are these milestones in teaching that warm my soul! Still don't know if I will stay on, but these kids have touched and made such an impact on me. I love love love my job!!!!!!

My grandma in New Jersey had an eval. Her hip is slowly improving on its own with rehab. She will continue to stay in the rehab home and hopefully continue to heal. My mom's brother and sister are there taking turns helping out and taking care of her place.

We may be getting another car. Some friends of mom and dad B, can't drive anymore. We were going to wait and get rid of the Tercel in a year or two, but looks like we can say bye to it a bit sooner.

The hubby got approved so we are set to go to Disneyland the week after New Years!

Meanwhile I got lots of projects to finish before giving Thanks and enjoying food and family next week.

Happy early Friday and weekend.


tiffany said...

Happy to hear you had some great teacher moments! Makes it all worthwhile right?

maybe strawberry said...

such nice news wendy!!! see you tomorrow

monkeyballsblitz said...

Glad for your moment with the kids! I couldn't be a teacher. I don't have the patience. Good for you!

Courtney007 said...

wow Wendy that was touching! you rock!