Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Busy but good

So, I survived the first 2 days of my sub assignment and I love it! So far 5 kids and 4 aides! Supposed to have 7 but everyday a few are missing. It is challenging. Only 2 kids can talk and communicate. The rest are just silent. Either they have autism, mental retardation, and one is completely blind. I teach mostly thematic units. Currently we are learning about pumpkins and do tons of activities and stuff with pumpkins. I keep the class upbeat and moving all day long and vary the day between music, movement, limited seatwork, arts, crafts, and sensory activities. It is tiring, but a good tired. The teacher did leave 3 weeks of plans, so I think she may still plan on coming back. If she didn't care she wouldn't have preplanned. Oh well, this is a sure thing till Christmas. I like that I will be in the same assignment and not at a new place every day.

Also trying to get errands done before wedding weekend! Dress, shoes, and bra all done! It was quite interesting shopping at Victoria's Secret with the kids, but a mom has got to do what she has got to do. Got the bio bra that converts 7 different ways so unless my boobs change I should be good for a while! Still to do, nails, decide what hair things to get, get glasses fixed and pack! We leave Sunday right after work around 2 to beat the Friday traffic. Soooooooo excited!

Wow working sure does help the week go faster! It is almost Wednesday!


Mama Bear said...

Yeah for weddings!! Make sure Remo takes lots of pictures.

maybe strawberry said...

how exciting!! i'm glad all is well with your job and i'm so excited to see the pictures from the wedding.