Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Well, the time has arrived!!! I am packing up and we are heading to Corona tonight! Can't believe my baby sis is getting married. It has been a stressful week though with new job, wedding preparations. Big day is Sunday at 2. Most of the family will be there for Sabbath. Looking forward to a blast of a time. My own kids are super excited because this will be the first real wedding experience they will remember. Last night both kids put their pillows and blankets in the suitcases and said "can we sleep in here tonight?" Then Noah says "Is the wedding tomorrow. Don't forget to pack my buxceedo." I love my kids!!!! Remo's camera has rapid fire option so I will post when I can. Happy weekend! We will be getting in late Sunday night since the reception ends at 10. Chow!

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maybe strawberry said...

have a great time!! we'll miss you this weekend