Friday, August 7, 2009

My niche

I was finally placed in a moderate to severe classroom and I just love it!!! It is a new school in Chula Vista grades K-6. There are only 3 special ed classrooms on campus. The teacher I am assigned to is a man who is very kind and a bit laid back. His philosopy is every kid can learn. The kids I am working with are 3rd-6th graders and have a range of disabilities from blindness, orthopedic impaired, autism, mental retardation. There are 11 kids total and there are 4 aides in the room. Basicly we teach beginning academics at a Kindergarten and 1st grade level. I have always wanted to teach Kindergarten!! Each day I get assigned a bit more of the teaching responsibilities. Like I said I already fell in love with the class and kids and am so excited to be fulfilling my passion.

Been enjoying the cooler SD weather. It was great to finally get out of the house. Had an enjoyable week of VBS with the kids, time with extended family, and Emeline can ride a 2 wheel bike now with no training wheels! What a wonderful weekend, too bad it has to end so soon. :)


maybe strawberry said...

that's wonderful wendy! it's so important to find a job you love because it take 1/3 or more of you day plus if you love it, that usually means you are good at what you do. have a good week!

tiffany said...

That's great! Isn't it nice when work just clicks? It was nice to see you guys at the beach! That rocket is no joke!

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Wow! Riding a bike without training wheels is a big step! Ella was doing it yesterday without thinking about it (of course, the training wheels are still on), but I was watching her, and she wasn't really using them. I think she'll have them off by the end of summer!

Glad you're enjoying your student teaching. Now if you can just find a job you like as much!