Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I began student teaching this week. They had me down for mild to moderate kids and I got stuck at a Behavior Correction School in Bonita. It has been a very interesting week. This school is kind of like the last resort for all the problem kids who get kicked out of school. I have witnessed lots of incidents. Mostly I am an observer, and I do get to help with small groups for reading and math. The hours have been wonderful 7-2 and I don't have to get on the freeway and fight traffic. We didn't need any sitters since I am home before Remo starts his shift. However, starting next week I will be placed in a more severe handicap class where I should be. I am just happy to knock off a week, 8 more to go. The family has been adjusting and sticking to the new routine and schedules well. I am so pleased to find the house picked up and tidy when I get home, and Emeline helps keep the boys in line with the daily activities!

What a month of sick this has been for our fam though. We thought we all had strep. Emeline and I were on antibiotics. Boys just got a bad cough and flu like symptoms. Then I come home from work to find Emeline covered in red dots. What we thought were strep were really chicken pox early symptoms. She has the full blown pox. They are mild though and she isn't complaining too much. I bought the pink calomine in case she needs it though. She was vaccinated for the pox so I am hoping it stays mild. So far they haven't popped or oozed out yet, maybe they won't.

I am exhausted and have been going to bed with the kids each night. Hoping that if we all rest and eat right we can kick any more bad germs. Hopefully this is it and we are done with the big sick for the year. Just so very very frustrating.

Noah has just sprung a fever tonight. Guess we can expect pox is on the way with him too! UGH!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

So, did the doctor diagnose chicken pox? Maybe she's just allergic to the amoxicillen? The chicken pox usually show up within 1-2 days of fever.

schoolgirl said...

No because everything about pox we read on the internet and everything matched. She was already done with the amoxicillen when the pox appeared.

maybe strawberry said...

yeah, being sick sucks. hate it

Courtney007 said...

Awww sorry for the sick house! I hope everyone feels better! :)