Friday, August 14, 2009

Whew what a week

I got another freakin sore throat this week and I could see white spots on my tonsils. Was ready to head to the dr. after work, but when I woke up this morning it was like magic. I felt fine and no spots. Just cold like symptoms. Whew. Another sickness bites the dust. I do remember my first year of teaching and how sickly I was as I had to ingest all the kids germs. But through the years I must have built up immunity to all their nasty things. Being out of work for so long and getting back at it, it kind of feel like that first year of germs. EWWWWW.

Still love what I do and it has been an amazing week of growth for many of the student as far as learning and behaviors. That is why I love teaching!!!!

On the homefront, all is swell as we are all well. Today is errand day. We got invited for lunch and to hang with the Verduzcos tomorrow after church. Yay! We will probably go biking since Emeline learned how to ride with 2 wheels and that is our family hobby now. Sunday will be spent catching up on the housework. Have a good one all!


maybe strawberry said...

thats good your sore throat just disappeared. my cough is still here!!! i can go hours without coughing, but then when i do start, it's so itchy and i can't stop coughing. sickness sucks so much!!

i'm glad everything else is going well. how nice that emeline is biking without her training wheels anymore!!

tiffany said...

Yes, glad that you were able to evade the sore throat.