Monday, May 18, 2009

Gettin into the Groove Again

Hubby has been cleared to go back to work.  It has been nice seeing and spending more time with him these past few weeks, but also more physical work for me as I tried to take on the manly duties like the yard.  Glad to be back into our normal routine again so I can feel more productive and accomplished.

Can't believe my baby boy is now 5!  We had a nice quiet family celebration on his real b-day the 13th.  Then this Sunday he had his zoofari party.  He only wanted the cousins and family over.  It was a warm and nice day.  With just all the cousins that was plenty of people.  I love home parties.  Noah chose nuggets, fries, hot dogs, jello, pineapple, and watermellon.  Auntie Grace made the cutest lion cake for our party theme! Kids had a blast playing on the swing set, new patio, and the jumpy jump.  I am so happy we have a kid friendly yard to play in now.  We are awaiting the arrival of our swimming pool to complete things.

There are 3 weeks left until Emeline and I both graduate!  Much to do and finish up until then.  I plan to be crazy busy cramming to get projects done so forgive me if I don't blog till June.


maybe strawberry said...

i love home parties too. it's just nice to hang out and leisurely spend all day together. i can't believe Noah is 5!! he's grown so fast and he's so smart. and by the way, the new cement in the back looks good, it's nice that the kids can ride their scooters or bikes almost all the way around the house.

Courtney007 said...

Yay Congratulations on for the Grads!

Mama Bear said...

Does that mean Remo is feeling better? Hope so. Enjoy your break that's coming up.