Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lazy and Procrastinating

Well, there are officially 7 more days left of school for Emeline and and 10 for me for this semester.  I feel so lazy and have been literally in a slump of procrastination big time.  My goal was to pump out another chapter of the thesis before graduation.  Basicly there is no grade for the course.  I will be given an IP (in progress).  I am excited about graduation, but not totally siked knowing that there will still be a few things pending before I can get the signed degree documentation.  I am more siked for my daughter who will be wearing a cap and gown and having a ceremony from K.  I don't remember having such a big ordeal from K.  

I bought the hubby and myself some good quality walking shoes.  This weekend was so beautiful that we walked along the bay.  The hubby said that night "I like these shoes they make my feet feel so light.  And my back feels good!" I was just thrilled to hear him say these things.  Now if I could just get him to walk a bit during the week too!  He is so used to wearing those big metal steel toed boots.  Even the therapist suggested better shoes and walking.  Ha. So far the back pain is minimum and almost gone.  He is back to full work and trying to get Cox to get him a better chair.

The kids have been enjoying their swim lessons at the YMCA.  It helps to have a back yard pool big enough for them to practice in too!  Emeline had her first playdate of many to come.  Her best friend Hannah come over with her mom to swim and play yesterday.  Good times.  

Well, I suppose that I should get off of here and quit procrastinating.  Enjoy your short week!


Courtney007 said...

That's Great! I'm glad Remo likes the walking shoes! Hey I have a newer chair from work that I don't use if he needs it! I have my own that I find is more comfy. Good luck on your Thesis!

maybe strawberry said...

yeah for school almost being over!! sorry we will miss your graduation and emeline's graduation. please take lots of pictures, i would love to see how emeline looks in her cap and gown.

remo went walking?!!!! i'm so glad!! yeah, shoes make a big difference when exercising or walking. that's great you got good shoes!

tiffany said...

glad remo likes the shoes! hopefully he'll be more willing to take walks.

Shadow eX said...

Good hear hear the Remo is up and around :)