Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful mom's day and weekend.  Went to PV church then soup plantation after to hear the great news that Tiff and Kevin are joining the parent hood ranks! Yay! Saturday night I decorated the house with candles and flowers and the K. mom and clan came over for a meal of crepes! Then since we had a bride to be in the house we finished the evening watching "Bride Wars."  We were all laughing.  It was a hilarious and fun movie.  Sunday I did absolutely NOTHING! We had brunch with the B. clan and extended family too!  The food was scrumptious and I so appreciated not having to cook.  Then Remo and I escaped to watch the movie "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past."  It was ok but not as funny or good as Bride Wars.  The alone time with my hubby was awesome.  Went to find the kids at the park then we went to WalMart to buy our pool for the backyard.  We have graduated to an above the ground 2-3 foot one.  Just a lovely lovely weekend and mommy day!  Now it is back to cleaning and taking care of everyones needs.

The back specialist gave Remo a shot into the inflammed area on friday.  So far no change.  He had PT today which he said was like a massage.  They gave him a bunch of exercises to try at home.  But do you know what the number one thing on the list was? WALKING!!! Time to hide those scooters.  Next PT is in three weeks which I think is ridiculous, but oh well.  This is his last week off from work.  He is doing much better now if we can all encourage him to exercise like the doctor ordered I know he will be even greater.  


maybe strawberry said...

yeah, wasn't it such a wonderful day yesterday? i had a lot of fun

i'm glad remo was told to do back exercises and walking. peter hurt his back a while back ago and he just looked up back exercises online and they have helped a lot. he does them a few times a week. now his back is stronger which can protect from future back injuries.

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Yep, core exercises are the only thing that keeps your back healthy....and walking, walking, walking.

:) I was going 3 times every week, not once every 3 weeks. That is ridiculous. Can he go somewhere else?

Mary said...

Does he need a Health Coach? (I can do a free consult) hehe. Hope he feels better. =)