Friday, February 13, 2009

Thankful for Friday

What a long week this has been!  We are on the tail end finally of this cold.  Still kicking the cough and deep chest congestion.  I have overlapping classes right now and am extremely busy trying to research and papers.  Fun fun, NOT.  I don't care about my high GPA anymore.  I just want to pass and be done.  We have had both cars unfunctional.  The Saturn just sputtered and quit working 2 weeks ago.  Had it towed and it has been sitting in the driveway ever since.  The hubby has had not time to fix it yet.  He got the old 92 Tercel running, but it was leaking gas.  Last night Noah and Remo were driving and the belts broke.  He forgot the cell phone and was supposed to end up meeting his family.  Well, I went in to panic mode fearing the worst till I got a call from him almost 2 hours later.  Thankful for angels and family who take care of my boys.  I am so thankful for Friday and the weekend.  My sister is coming down and we will celebrate her birthday.  Have a wondeful 3 day weekend! Yea! 

CONGRATULATIONS TO UNCUM PETER AND AUNTIE GRACE who will be joining the parent hood ranks!


maybe strawberry said...

i'm so sorry about the problems with your cars!! we are sad that you couldn't join us in penn valley this weekend, remo said he needed to work on the cars. what about in may? we will visit penn valley then go to idaho, think you can come with us?

and thank you very much! we are so excited to start a family!!!!!

schoolgirl said...

I will be working on my theses in May. We'll see. After all this school nonsense I do want to take a trip.