Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Weekend

My sister came down this weekend.  The kids wanted to celebrate her birthday (which was last week).  Emeline chose Hello Kitty for auntie Keri's party theme.  It was a small family celebration, but Emeline and Noah were happy because a birthday just isn't a birthday without cake and singing or having a party.  We had fun exchanging Valentines with each other.  I was a naked Valentine for my hubby for the day.  His gift to me was chocolate ice cream truffles (you can find them at Costco).  Very yummy.  Today it felt so good to get out and walk in the crisp cold air.  We fed ducks at eastlake then ate at the new IN N OUT burger.  The kids stayed at grandmas so daddy and mommy could come home and work for a bit.  Yes, daddy had to work for COX and I had to do school projects.  It is so nice because we can sleep in tomorrow.  Emeline is off.  She wants to have a play date with her best friend Hannah.  It is supposed to rain again the nex few days. Boo.  Time to enjoy a truffle, watch some t.v. and head to bed.   

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maybe strawberry said...

sounds like a nice weekend! and chocolate ice cream truffle? i'll have to look for those at costco