Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cold still lingering

Well, this cold is the long lingering kind. It settles into your throat. Due to the constant tickle it forces you to cough, but it is a dry cough, not strong enough to hack up whatever is lingering in the throat. So frustrating. Any one have any suggestions as to over the counter products to try. How effective is Mucinex? I see the commercial all the time. Emeline and Noah have had the cough for at least 2 weeks. Me just a week, but it is sooooo soooo yucky and frustrating!!!!!! I also started the research class before my thesis class. Only 2 more classes to go yet so much dang work, papers and stuff to write. I am beginning to wonder if it is all worth my health and sanity. Ok, positives. I do want to begin work making bigger bucks with a masters. I am almost there. The classes are online where i don't have to see anyone and work in my PJ'S. Looking forward to a new week!!!!!!!

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maybe strawberry said...

sorry about the cough. i haven't used mucinex before, i'm sure it should be fine. or get anything that says expetorant on it, that is for getting the junk out. i think i've used robitussen before and it worked.

that's great that you are taking online classes now! good luck to you, you're almost done!!