Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, I caught a nasty cold the first since last fall.  Probably due to the hot days and cold nights we have been having.  I am also sick of feeling like a single parent.  I am sick of cleaning up messes, solving discipline issues, and tending to the house and daily duties.  I am sick of school.  Sorry it just has been a very sick week for me.  Going to drink some Nyquill and head to bed.  At least the week is almost over.  It has got to get better right? I am in desperate need of a vacation!!!!


Mama Bear said...

Hope you feel better in all aspects of life soon. =) You should stay in all weekend and just relax.

maybe strawberry said...

sorry you are sick! i got a slight sore throat yesterday. it seems to be better now but now i have a runny nose.

why is remo not helping you? so sorry! it must be so hard to be a student and a mommy!