Monday, February 2, 2009

Party Aftermath

I didn't really care about the superbowl this year, since my team wasn't playing.  I was just happy to play host.  I love having people over.  I found some football paper products at Target in the dollar section!  Everyone did contribute and we had lots of yummy goodies.  I was happy to make my famous corn dogs.  It was crazy.  We had the serious football watchers screaming and making noise in one room and the kids screaming and running and playing in the other rooms.  Good times indeed.  Today is the cleanup.  Actually most of the mess was just tossed.  Noah was my right hand helper as we just vaccuumed, steam cleaned, and organized the massive volcano erruption of toys.  I begin my educational research class for my thesis this week. Eeek!  I have my grad announcement posted on my wall as a motivation.  June baby!  Happy February and new week to you!

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maybe strawberry said...

thank you for hosting the superbowl party. it was a blast!