Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Due to so much typing i am pretty sure i have developed carpal tunnel.  I can't quit either.  I have mega projects that all involve typing until May.  Guess I can just rest and pamper it in the night time.  I am literally busting my ass off for this class and am not passing.  I feel so guilty because I have completely shut out my son.  From the time I wake up till after the kids are in bed it is research research type.  Sucks so bad.  It would be so sad to quit when i am so close to the finish line.  So i guess i just have to suck it up and keep on keeping on a bit longer.  It all better be worth it in the end.  We are all finally over our colds.  The worst is over.  I am turning in early tonight after a yummy truffle.  The week is more than half done. Yay. 

Thursday--Woke up this morning to a broken freezer.   It is the extra one we have in the garage we use for storage.  I guess it was a blessing cause it eats up too much electricity.  

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maybe strawberry said...

sorry about the challenges you are having wendy! i wish i could help. i'm glad to hear you are all well and healthy now.