Monday, February 23, 2009

New Week New Attitude

It was a busy but fun weekend.  Saturday dad B. preached at PV.  Then we headed over to their place for lunch.  We hadn't gotten to see them much since they got back from PI.  The kids love love love their backyard and stayed and played till dark.  And they got to hang and play with Jada and Judah too.  Remo and I headed off to the Corndeza rehearsal and dinner.  I even got to accompany Grace to a short visit to the local mall.  Sunday was the big day.  I was sad not to see much of my husband due to all the wedding stuff, but I was so proud of how sexy and handsome he looked and what a great support and friend he has been to Courtney.  It was a lovely ceremony.  I got teary eyed seeing the handsome groom and beautiful bride walk down the aisle.  Each had their own special entrance.  Emeline was so excited.  This will be her first wedding that she can remember.  She and Noah were just babies at the last weddings.  Now begins a new week.  Had a bit of hard time getting Emeline out the door with her stalling and dawdling.  Her daddy had to whip her into shape this morning and she lost all T.V for one day. Times like these are not nice as a mommy.  Rest of my day was well spent doing chores.  Noah and I hung a birdfeeder up for the birds today.  Got to go do a few other driving errands now.  Happy week to everyone. 

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