Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our New Year baby turns 6

This year since being in school Emeline wanted to invite her whole class and church friends and relatives to her b-day. She choose pump it up an inflatable indoor place. At first I was worried that we would end up paying a ton for all the people she wanted to invite. It all worked out. Half the class came and half of the church friends. This was the largest party we hosted 16 kids and equal of adults. I have to say though that this was the least stressed I ever was over a birthday party. The price was very reasonable. You only pay for kids over 2. Kids under 2 and adults are free. The kids had an hour of playtime in a room of 5 big inflatable jumpers, slides, soccer kick and boxing. Then you go into a party room for the eating. Then you leave and your done! No mess to clean up. Only disadvantage is that there was no time to open gifts. I have spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the birthday and Christmas mess. Our house literally is one giant disaster toy zone. I am waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can store and sort all the presents. We can bearly breathe, walk, or get around cause of all the mess. I am sleepy now and Remo and I have a date to the movies tomorrow! Happy 09!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Sounds fun! I think parties at places other than your house are the only way to go! I learned that with Ryan's party last Sept. Can't believe she's 6 already! They are all getting so big!

maybe strawberry said...

the party was perfect! i thought an hour of playtime wouldn't be enough, but it seemed to be just the right amount of time.