Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today Jada and Judah came to play while their mommy went to work. I was quite impressed with how well all the kids got along. They obeyed and played so well together. I guess the parents of all the kiddies must be doing something right. Kudos to the parents. It made for an easy and fun time! We played and ate and then all too soon their daddy came to take them home. I guess I need to learn sign language cause Judah was signing and I felt so helpless. Jada is a good big sister and helped me out. Thanks for trusting us and hope Auntie April will let the kids come again and also perhaps she will want to return the favor. :)

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tiffany said...

That's great that the cousins all played well together. Makes the day go by quicker when they entertain each other right? =)