Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi ho hi ho it's back to routine we go

Remo and I were able to have a nice date to the movies on Friday. We watched Bedtime Stories. The movie was good. I think Adam Sandler is funny in whatever he plays. Such an entertaining guy. Thanks Auntie Grace for a lovely supper and watching the kids. Saturday night Charger game was just fabulous and definitely kept me out of my seat! Thanks Vangie for letting us hang out at your place.

Today Emeline and I began school. I am thankful to get back into routine again. The 2 weeks off were heavenly, but we were all getting on each others last nerve towards the end. Yea for schedules and more structure. I was impressed that this first day back was not as bad as I anticipated. It was actually smooth sailing and the kids only started bickering towards the later part of the evening. I promised to have chore charts made before tomorrow. My T.V. programs are back on air again. Wishing a prosperous week to all. Chow for now.

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Mama Bear said...

The first email I got from hubby yesterday morning from work was him asking me how many more days till Christmas. hehe.......

Going back to work sucks =( But it helps to like where you work. =)