Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things are Looking UP

Well, the beginning of the week was not so hot, but it was a wonderful Wednesday and I can only say that the last part of this week seems oh so much brighter.

Emeline didn't have a good sleep due to coughing, so daddy and I decided best that she stay hope and rest. She was so so sad. She found her clothes and got herself all dressed and said, "I'm going away now." At least she does love her school. This was our first absence. But my mommy instincts just wanted to keep her warm, protected, and at home. From a teacher point of view I was sparing the teacher and the others of the bad germs. Anyhow, the rest of the day she was fine with things. Had a parent conference with the teacher today. It was a bit weird sitting on the "parent side" since I am so used to being the teacher and bearer of the news to parents. It went very well. She said Emeline was a pleasure to have in class, she is cooperative, well behaved, and has a positive attitude. I suspected the card to be in good standing which it was. Mostly + and Satisfactory and a few Mastery areas. She did get 2 Needs improvements. Can you guess in which areas? This was a shocker. In needing to expressive herself, and participating in music activities. Apparently Emeline does not sing with the class during song time, and doesn't raise her hand to openly participate in class. I told the teacher that is just funny, because Emeline does not have that problem at home or at church as you all well know. Interesting.
No School

Tonight I attended a job discussion search panel presented by my school. They provided free dinner to everyone! I was able to have one on one assistance going over my resume and how to improve it. It just needed a tad of tweaking of which I was thrilled about. 3 people said it was very good. A group of 10 job people were present to have open discussions about career jobs and how to get in and etc. There were 4 educators there. At the end of the night I was able to hand my resume to the recruiting lady for the San Diego Unified School District. She wrote down some of my info and said to go online and apply then contact her. Even though the economy sucks, I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me. I know where to begin and have my first contact lead as to getting employed. I am thankful I am in a field where there is always a need!
Smiley University

Speaking of jobs please pray for my hubby. He got notice they will be cutting jobs at Cox and will be letting people know Dec.1.

Have a happy weekend. It's gonna be busy so till next week, that is a wrap.
Weekend 1


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Yeah, scary times for everyone. Jobs cuts are everywhere and getting worse. Hopefully things will work out for Remo.

Mama Bear said...

We'll add Remo to our nightly bedtime prayers. Since we're in for some "change", hopefully, it will be for the better.

Shadow eX said...

Hope Remo won't get cut. Prayers are with you guys!

maybe strawberry said...

that's a funny report about emeline not participating in class! she seems completely opposite of that on the weekends. and i'm sorry she does not sing in class. remember how she was the karaoke queen at age 3 or so?

how nice that you got your resume all done!! that's great that your school provided an evening of free food and assistance with the resume and discussion panel