Friday, November 7, 2008


I have been told by many people not to compare Noah to Emeline. And he is a boy and boys take longer to grasp the "education concepts." I have let Noah bloom all on his own. Well, this week his drawing pictures have gone from scribbles to shapes with happy faces in them. He also learned how to cut with a pair of scissors. He knows how I like to cut out coupons so he cut out pictures from daddy's tool magazine and said "Mommy I cut out coupons for you." They were all pictures of vacuums, his absolute obsession since age 2. He also is mouse proficient and can sit and maneuver icons on the computer! My baby boy has blossomed and is growing up. He knows all the basic shapes, colors, can count to 15, and say the whole alphabet. We are working on our visual recognition of letters and numbers. Noah just may be ready to begin Kindergarten next year. We shall see. If not, I won't push and rather him be older then the young one. We got haircuts today and are now ready to rest and relax for the weekend. Grandpa Barizo will be retiring for the 2nd time tomorrow! Happy weekend!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Ryan was obsessed with vacuums, too! Wish he still were! ;)
Ella can't draw a thing yet, but by the same age, Ryan was drawing like crazy. Each child is truly different and will shine in different ways.

Mama Bear said...

I agree. You can't compare (and really shouldn't) children even from the same family. They are just so different, thier strengths and personalities. That's how God made us: special and unique right from our fingerprints.

maybe strawberry said...

i had a great time with noah today. during one of our conversations today, he proudly told me that he knows how to play computer games now. we also talked about vacuums too. i told him i would have him help me the next time i had to change the vacuum bag because he was wondering how it worked. he's so cute and such a sweet kid. i think i'd like to take him more often, ok?