Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Made

I am currently sad and disappointed that my candidate didn't win and by a landslide too! Ugh. My heart aches. Well, history was made tonight and we have four years till we vote again. All I can say is may God watch over and continue to bless America. I had class tonight and that sucks cause I couldn't be home to watch all the excitement. When we were done with class I heard the news coming home. Oh well, at least I did get to vote in the mail. A lot of good that did though, cause the victory was called I think before the polls even closed here. I will now indulge in some junk food for comfort!


Mama of 2 Hapas said...

I'm just hoping I've been wrong and he can do what he says he will...but did you notice in his speech tonight that he's already conceding that he won't be able to get anything done in one term, and that there will be setbacks, etc...certainly different from the tone of his campaign speeches the past 21 months.

Mary said...

I too am as curious as mamaof2hapas.

Anyway, I woke up sad today, then prayed. And with everything, I ask for God's will to be done. =) I just keep my eyes on Jesus and wait for His soon coming. PTL!

Chris said...

Like my mom says, "The world will end either way, maybe this will hasten it."