Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Blues and Venting

This weekend Emeline sprung a cold so we didn't do much. It was cold and fall like so I didn't mind staying indoors and watching the boob tube.

Thanks for answering the survey question. I am a teacher and I think the hardest for me now that Emeline is in school is to refrain and hold back and just be "the mom." The teacher gives out a work packet of homework each Monday and it is due on Friday. It is very organized and each day has specific assignments to do. But each day there are 4-5 things to do. Most of it is worksheets that have been photo copied. To me that is not homework but busy work. She can't even read the directions that are printed so small at the bottoms of the pages, that it is really homework for the parents too. As a teacher I never really believed or liked handing out homework. I think it is dumb. But the principal made us do it. If it is unfinished classwork or maybe some reading, something with real meaning then it is ok. Kids are in school so long, they need to come home and well, be kids.

I am also so surprised that the teasing and meanness starts as early as Kindergarten. Emeline came home and said a girl in her class said "Don't play with Hanah." I told Emeline that isn't nice and she could play with anyone and should make others feel good. I just fear that my daughter is going to turn out to be one of those popular mean kids. I was the student who was poked fun of and treated very badly by those kind of mean popular kids. Emeline fusses and only wants her hair done in "plain hair ties." She doesn't want anything but sandwiches. If I try and put a surprise in her lunch she will bring it home and say "No one else had that." Oh and the best was when she came home Friday and said to her brother "I'm going to kick your butt." Her daddy handled that one. She said kids say that as you slide down the slide. Then she says "But don't worry daddy, I don't say that at school."

I am also so frustrated with my school. I am treated as a number not a person. I do have an assigned counselor, but every time I have questions she makes me feel so dumb and stupid. I have decided to take my time and if I don't finish in a year it is ok. I want to finish strong and know my stuff. Every time I do have a question I am routed to a number of different people who don't know anything and I get nowhere.

I have a son who is craving my attention and needs me now. So much for the studying. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. The week can only get better. The sun is already shining, and that is a positive sign!


Mama Bear said...

The teasing is what scaries me the most only because I am the one that teased other kids at school. Now, it's going to come back to me through my kid. He has gotten better though and has started to fend for himself. At least he knows his self defense, through his martial arts, so the kids will think twice when it comes to manhandling him.

Mama of 2 Hapas said...

Oh, the joys of kids in school! I don't understand why kids are so mean, either, and it starts in daycare, according to my mom! :( As for the homework issue, I agree. In 1st grade, Ryan was getting 2 hours of homework every night (except Friday), and she still wanted us to read for 30 minutes every night. I don't mind reading, and doing work he didn't get done during the day, but I'm not his teacher and don't have time for 2 hours of homework (that he can't do himself!) So, anyway, I just stopped doing the homework. What were they going to do, flunk him? No way. Sometimes she made him stay inside at recess to do it, but not often. I figured that way, at least she had to spend the time with him! :)

maybe strawberry said...

yeah, i hate that kids can be so mean. peter was bullied as a kid. makes me mad!

monkeyballsblitz said...

i agree with mama bear. me and her were the mean ones... and now, our "shy quiet" babies are gonna get picked on!

i wasnt really mean, but i wasnt the one being picked on... and im so scared jada will be... because she is so quiet and lets anyone take her toys from her... at the park or wherever... it makes me SO mad!

Shadow eX said...

Kids are so mean because they can be. It is having the power that makes them want to do it more. Power corrupts. I was the shy quiet type... my wife was a bully. i can see our son walking that fine line so we'll have to wait and see how he turns out ;)

When I was in school... I had tons of homework. To me... it is the teacher not doing her job if the kids have to do most of the lessons at home. Busy work is stupid. I agree with you 100%... kids need time to be kids. They have college to experience being swamped with work.