Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whopper of a Week

This by far has been the LONGEST and most CHALLENGING week ever!

Emeline continues to thrive and loves school. However her behavior at home has been just horrible. She won't listen, obey, and has regressed to acting like a baby. I really think she is stressed from trying to be so good in school that she has to release it all at home. She does know how to behave, or else she would also be bad in school. I am thankful she isn't being bad in school. She really is a very smart and sweet girl, but we do have to get this bad behavior under control. I am going bonkers! School is very structured, so I have her on a structured program at home too. She has a sticker chart and must get 20 to get a dollar to spend at 99 cent store. Also, I give her two warnings. After that I follow through with time out or a spank. No more negotiations or small talk. 2 warnings then punishment. To all family, please help us follow this consistent routine with Emeline. We will see what happens. Please if anyone has any other suggestions I am willing to hear them. I am already dreading the teenage years.

Noah also has been regressing due to trying to copy his sister. But he is a little more prone to obey and shape up. I enjoy the time with him. We paint, go to the library, do music, school stuff too! I want him to feel special too and he is adjusting well to Emeline's being absent. It is very challenging when they are both home for the afternoon and evening.

Some other minor things that happened this week were: our garbage disposal got clogged and the pipe came apart and burst while I was doing the dishes, I think I fell asleep in class cause my teacher said thanks and have a good evening sweetie as I left, I ran a red light after one class this week and it didn't even have an effect on me till the other car was literally in front of me crossing the road. The angels really got me out what could have been a very nasty situation in the nick of time. I still can't fathom how I didn't crash. I should have. We have an ant investation inside the attic and trails and trails of black armies EVERYWHERE! So gross!

Like I said, whew what a week it has been. So ready for the weekend. Have a good one y'all!



Mama of 2 Hapas said...

On the survey: I don't think kids should get homework in elementary grades...or at least only if they don't finish something in class, or a special project. So far, Ryan hasn't had any homework except reading every night.

schoolgirl said...

That is exactly my thoughts mama of 2 hapas. Emeline is in K and gets at least an hour every night. And it is all busy work stuff, run off worksheets. I agree it should be meaningful at least like reading, or unfinished work.

monkeyballsblitz said...

totally agree about homework. kids should have time with their family and unwind, as this is a big transition for the kids and parents!

PS i like your description of who you are on your website... *in bed* cute!

tiffany said...

Sorry you had such a rough week! Good luck with Emeline!