Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Happy Hump Day

Today I finally found out the results of my last 2 months of school. The last strict teacher gave me an A- and my GPA is 3.8. School has never been easy for me and yes I am studying my you know what off, so this is a big deal. I celebrated by going to the thrift store with April, Marlene, Jada, and Emeline. I found 2 Sabbath dresses, 2 dress pants, and 3 shirts. Emeline got a skirt for school, 2 pairs of Sabbath shoes, and I got a toy for each of the kids. All of that for just at 50 bucks. In a normal high class store that would have been the price for one alfit. I used to think that thrift stores were just for homeless people so I never even thought about going in. They have some nice stuff there. Sure you have to pick through the racks, but for dockers and express labels what a deal! Oh shoot I am baking cookies. They smell ready. Happy hump day!


maybe strawberry said...

i LOVE thrift stores. i like to buy cake plates and cake pedestal there.

maybe strawberry said...

oh great job on your GPA! your hard work is paying off