Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week of Woes

This certainly has been a week of woes. Spent all morning with the credential advisor trying to plan out the rest of my time in school. Took a 3 hour exam over all coursework so far. I have to pass this in order to enroll in the specialty and masters classes. It was all written and very hard. I can always take it again, but I would like to pass the first time. I may be having to drive all over the different campus locations in SD for classes over the next several months. Good news is I will be done with all this nonsense NEXT YEAR come September! I can march in July (fingers crossing). Then my afternoon was spent trying to contact people to get the HOLD off of my student account. Apparently the loan gave too much money, but the college didn't dump it into my account. They did give it back to me via check. We used that to live on, oops! We just have to pay online. We don't have a renter and all the bills are due! We are literally at the point of having nothing in our account! Sucks! Oh the guilt I do feel now for spending a bit on myself yesterday. When I see the clothes I don't feel excited anymore. I am so looking forward to the weekend to spend time with old friends and family! Can it come a bit faster though!

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Mama Bear said...

Since it's a school loan, can you pay it back after you are done with school instead of paying it back now even though it's extra?