Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dreaded Doctor

Today we had the final checkoff for Emeline to go to Kindergarten. A trip to the doctor. We kept it a "secret surprise" so she wouldn't freak out. Because we were new patients we had to wait an hour filling out dumb forms. Still I think that was a bit ridiculous to make an already anxious kid wait. We were on time. The office seemed scattered and unorganized. Emeline did great on the hearing test. The physical exam turned out good too. There were only 2 pokes today, skin test and finger prick for anemia. She was border line anemic. She did real well and only cried AFTER both pricks were done and was MAD and threw a fit for about 30 minutes that included hitting her dad. I think Emeline was too nervous and we could not collect any pee for the urine test. Also, she failed the vision test and we now have to see an optometrist. I think the lady couldn't understand Emeline. When she gets nervous she starts talking quiet and like a baby. Also, they had her do this chart that was all black symbols. They were very old and very confusing. I think had they used the regular eye chart with letters she would have done fine. Sorry just the protective mom in me coming out. Well, it could be that Emeline really does have trouble seeing. Better to find out now rather than later. We have to go back Wednesday to redo the pee test, and check the skin test. Maybe I can suggest that they redo the eye chart using the letter one. Then we just have to turn in all the paperwork by Friday and Emeline is ready to begin K NEXT WEEK! We went to Jamba Juice and the toy store for a reward for the unpleasantness of the day. Chow for now!

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oh my goodness a 30 min fit and hitting remo?