Saturday, August 9, 2008

Been Busy

I ended my class with a bang. I passed! Still waiting the final grades. Due to that I couldn't get scheduled into a class this month. I am waiting to take the generic core exam over all classes so far. If I pass that then I enter classes for my specialty. So, I am not active in a class for August. Glad, but also mad cause I just want to get done with everything as soon as possible. Oh well...

But we have been busy. It is in the peak of summer now with temperatures reaching in the 80's. Last week we went to the public pool 3 times, once at grandma K.'s and 2 times with Jada and Judah. I even enjoyed it too. I only like to go in if the water is warm! We also went to the library story time and craft, Henry's, Costco, and Petco. We have been babysitting a hamster for a friend. Noah keeps saying he wants one. After our trip to the Pet Store Emeline wants a pet tarantula and Noah wants a pet turtle. It is hard enough keeping up with the kids and one dog. I told the kids that maybe for Christmas we could get another pet.

Today we went to church and enjoyed lunch at soup plantation. We are resting and when it is cooler we will head to Glorieta Bay to walk and ride bikes. Tomorrow will be chore day. Happy weekend!!!

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Mama Bear said...

What a great time we had walking, riding bikes, and playing at the park. We live in such a great city, it's a shame that we don't do that more often! Let's plan it again soon!