Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Since last week was so long and filled with much emotional and physical stresses it was lovely to have a lazy and non productive weekend. I had kitchen duties at church. I don't mind. Helping 2 times a year versus every potluck is not bad at all. And it gives me a reason to cook up some nice food too! We were going to go to Seaworld to see the fireworks and night shows, but I was too tired, and my rag started too. We did go out to get fried chicken and slurpees. Then it was lay in bed and watch T.V. till falling asleep. Today I spent doing a light load of laundry and very light cleaning. Played games with the kids, and now it is time to unwind and go to bed once again. It felt heavenly to just have no plans and be well lazy. 18 days till my baby girl heads to school! We are all ready! Sorry getting too emotional just thinking about it. Have a wonderful week!

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maybe strawberry said...

how exciting that emeline is going to school! time flies by so fast!