Friday, June 6, 2008

End of Week Wrap

Well, I was bummed and sad because after the best workout ever on Monday night (I was sweating up a storm and burned tons of calories I was feeling fabulous really), I woke up to severe back pain. I couldn't exercise the rest of the week. Hurts to walk, sit, bend. It feels like a pinched nerve. Yikes and ouchie! A positive is our new washer came on Tuesday. It is a sturdy Maytag and the hubby decided to move it all on his own. He messed up his back too. So, if you see the 2 of us walking weird it isn't due to anything we did in the bedroom ok. I baked my first pie this week, fresh cherry. It was pretty darn good. However the cherries turned more brown rather then red after baking. Went to Seaworld again for the kids to play. The coast was in the upper 70's and the kids got to get wet in the playground water works station. Weekend plans include seeing dad B. preach at El Cajon, and attend a graduation party on Sunday. And that will be a wrap for now. Happy weekend!


Mama Bear said...

Could be the shoes that you are wearing. A good pair of shoes (depending on what you are doing) is essential in preventing injury.

schoolgirl said...

Thanks mama bear. I will look into my shoe situation!

maybe strawberry said...

sorry about the back pain.