Friday, May 2, 2008

Whew! I am done!

So this week ended my class on behaviors. Discussions online, 8 page research paper, final, and assignments. My brain feels totally fried now. I won't know the results till next week sometime. I think I will get a strong B. Oh well, as long as I pass. I am happy there was no class available in May. I can have fun at all the celebrations! Yea. I am so totally looking forward to the weekend. Oh yeah, I bought the most awesome pillow at Costco. It is the foam that contours to your head position and bounces back into shape again later, similar to the sleep therapy bed, but a pillow. I had the best sleep ever last night. I didn't like that feel for my bed, but the pillow is awesome. Happy weekend!


tiffany said...

Yay!! Enjoy your time off!

Mama of two hapas said...

Oh, I could have given you one of those pillows for free...Mohri never used it or took it out of the box even! We have the mattress topper out of that stuff on all our beds, even Ryan's...they are great, but I agree, I don't like the whole mattress...we slept on one in Hawaii for Kev/Tiff's wedding, and we didn't like it much. Enjoy your month off!