Sunday, April 27, 2008


Saturday was spent sleeping in and baking. I made cupcakes, brownies, and banana bread. Then we headed over to decorate mom and dad B.'s house for the evening. We had a lovely birthday party for A. April, Uncle Remo, and Uncle Brad. I hadn't had haystacks in such a long time. It was an easy menu and oh so yummy. Even though it was easy food, it was still a lot to prepare and clean up. I think I got to bed by 1 a.m. I am so glad I didn't go to culinary school. If I had to host events or cook every day for fancy restaurants for a living, it is just stressful and too much work. It would totally take away and ruin the joy and passion I do have for cooking and baking now. There were several surprises of the evening. Auntie Marlene is in the states again. Auntie Grace sent a lovely cake and her famous cheesecake even though she couldn't make it to the party cause she got sick. We had 2 karaoke contests. One for kids and one for the adults. Jane brought her dual mics and we had a blast. We had 5 people get scores above 90. The winner of the evening was ME! I got a 99! Mom and dad B. were so nice to donate boxes of Belgian chocolates from Trader Joes. Each family was able to go home with a prize. Everyone was a winner. That was good. It really was fun.

Sunday was our last Adventurer meeting for the year. Bitter sweet. We just have our special Adventurer Award ceremony and that will be a wrap for this year. It has been a great year and Trimee and I anticipate and are already planning for another exciting year next year. Best news of today was that the Pastor 's wife said they have found another committed parent who will take over the leadership of the Kindergarten class. Finally, I can concentrate on just one ministry, but the main ministry is that of my OWN kids at this time. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

Have a great week everyone. I will be a bookworm and be a recluse as I have many final projects to get done before the end of this current on line class which ends May 3.


maybe strawberry said...

congratulations to the karaoke winner! we were so sad that we missed the party!! early this morning i called my parents to get an update on how the party went, then i called apes for an update too. i was excited to hear how it went and if everyone liked the prizes. i'm glad you had a great time.

monkeyballsblitz said...

thanks for putting it all together... i had fun, the food was yum... thanks!!!

Zordmaster said...

We too are sad that we missed the party. I'm determined to have Nicholas beat this bug this week.