Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend WrapUP

Cinco Dancer
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Friday night our dishwasher was leaking and I noticed the wood was saturated. When the hubby looked underneath sure enough the hose was broken. That is the only appliance we DID NOT replace when we moved in. Saturday we made it to church and Sabbath school. Had a lovely lunch at Hometown Buffet. Then we went to the memorial service for brother Oscar. Evening was spent shopping for dishwashers. We ended up getting a general electric one at home depot. We were going to get a Kenmore, but Sears had just taken their sale signs down an hour before we got there. Sunday was spent doing chores and shopping. Did you guys hear about the bombing at the courthouse downtown? Crazy. Our kitchen is still a mess. Hope the hubby can fix the dishwasher cause there is a pile up of dirty things. Today the agenda is deep cleaning the bathroom and dusting. At least I don't have the stress of school on my shoulders. Chow.
Mom And Kids


maybe strawberry said...

sorry about your dishwasher. i hope your kitchen floor is fixable! thanks for the update on the bomb downtown. i didn't know and i just looked it up online now. hope you are all doing well

Mama of two hapas said...

I want a dishwasher that has two drawers...good luck getting it installed.

Zordmaster said...

Nicholas ate really well at Hometown too. He doesn't eat that well anywhere else either! I wonder what they add to their food? Hmm........ Or maybe it's because the kids had thier own table.