Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prayers Please

Just found out that my parent's cat has diabetes. She is 9 years old but I guess in cat years is considered a senior citizen. She is the only "baby" my parents have left. My parents have decided to try the treatment which includes insulin shots twice a day, and switching to a different cat food. Poor kitty. Her name is Chia. Also, some of you may know Oscar. He helps run the ABC store next to PV church. He is in ICU and went into respiratory arrest and is currently in a coma. He doesn't have any family here. Prayers appreciated for both Chia the kitty and Oscar.


maybe strawberry said...

oh my goodness! thanks for letting us know about oscar and chia. i just read your blog now, which is days after you posted this. any updates?

schoolgirl said...

Chia is doing better. My parents switched her food and will start the shots next week. Oscar is still in ICU and on all the machines. They are waiting for a lung biopsy to tell what it is he has and what treatment to administer.