Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think I would rather drive and go to class for 8 hours a week then do any more internet classes. This current one is really a challenge. It is called "characteristics of emotional and behavioral disorders of children and youth." Doesn't just the name seem such a drab? Yes, I am learning lots of good info, but this class is more of the pyschology behind behavior problems. The terminology is written like we were training to be doctors or something. I don't think I will get an A in this one. I will settle for a pass.

On the up side I went to the new Henry's in Eastlake. Oh so yummy. It is always a challenge to put it all away in our cramped and broken fridge. Our fridge/freezer also has the water and ice feature. We never use these. I like the newer fridge/freezer that has a pull out drawer at the bottom. Any suggestions as to what brand we should get?


Zordmaster said...

Next time you are at Henry's in Eastlake, stop by Trader Joes a few doors down.

schoolgirl said...

Next time I will. I have never been to Trader Joe's yet. I spent 2 hours in Henry's and was exhausted. We had no "good food" to eat after our trip.

Mama of two hapas said...

We've liked our Kenmore from sears, and my parents have had the same GE for like 20 years...I still like the side by sides better because with the bottom freezer drawers, it's harder to keep things sorted, and things get buried on the bottom that you don't find for years....just a thought. They do have nice space.