Monday, April 14, 2008

What's HOT

It was a HOT weekend. I do love the sun, but not when it is scorching. Glad Valerie, Mohri and gang are here to visit. We met and ate with them at In and Out on Friday! I ate no meat! :) Then Saturday we had a great get together at the B. grandparents as we celebrated Ella's recent birthday! Sunday was a beautiful hike with Adventurers at La Jolla. Looking forward to a day at Seaworld tomorrow. The correct answer to my recent blog survey was married couples have an average of 1.5 days of sex during the week. So married folk, are you meeting your quota? heheh. I have officially lost 1/5 of my weight goal, a lovely 10 pounds! I feel fabulous! Happy week.


maybe strawberry said...

10 lbs! that's awesome!

monkeyballsblitz said...

were more than meeting the weekly quota! ;) well, when hes actually in town that is...